How to get a bigger penis

This is the most frequently asked questions these days in men’s health column.

how to get a bigger penis

Having a small penis is directly linked to your genes or hormonal level.

If you really want to enlarge your penis without coming across to the adverse side effect from the medications, we have some genuinely working exercise and other techniques which can help you enlarge your small penis.

These ways are completely natural and only requires some physical exercise which can directly affect the size of your penile cells.

Most women in the world prefer the bigger size penis which is why so many treatments have been made, some of them are a part of the scam, but don’t you worry, we have separated the scams from the real ones.

Here is what you need to know

1. Kegels Exercises

This exercise technique is considered important because it works on your penis muscles, making them stronger so they can bring a massive erection.

Basically, in Kegel exercise, you have to squeeze the muscles of your penis while you’re peeing, stopping the pee flow and then begin the flow again by squeezing the muscles on and off.

You should implement for 10 sets, get a short rest between sets, and start with twenty or thirty per time.

2. Circular Rotation

Circular rotation is somehow similar to stretching exercises but it has some difference like:

One must practice it five times a day while using only one hand to hold and stretch the penis.

Rotating the position will allow effecting all the extremities, you should do one direction, stretching for about 30 seconds and then 30 seconds for the other direction.

The method is easier than any other method however men always prefer the penis extenders.

3. Size Extender

Size extension consists of different methods, normally you have to hold tightly the penis head and grab the rest area with your other hand to make a perfect grip.

For about 30 seconds you have to hold it straight in sitting or standing position. Pulling and stretching it can be painful at first, but this is the part of the exercise.

You can take short breaks during this process, also enhanced the intensity once you get used to it.

There are plenty of size extenders available on the internet which will do the same thing for you much efficiently.

Our recommended penis extender is Jes Extender which is designed to increase the innermost cells of your penis without giving any painful conditions.

The device will be packed around your penis and you can adjust it accordingly.

By applying force there will be an enormous multiplication of cells, which eventually expand the size of your penis tissues, thereby making your penis larger, harder and stronger.

Some important advice from the specialist to get a bigger PENIS!

1. Clutching the heat up

Many sex therapists believe that blood flow plays a very important role in penis enlargement process and penis health.

From turning up the heat means more foreplay, in this way men will get more heat inside and he will feel bigger every time. Sex timings should be longer than we normally do, says Ian Kerner.

Couples who engage themselves in foreplay for a long time are prone to have a much healthier sex life than those who do not perform foreplay.

2. Lose weight

If you want to have a bigger size penis then you should immediately lose some weight because fat people mostly have a small penis.

The fatter you are the region located in the pelvis will be all bulged out when you are overweight, a number of fats in your thighs will make your penis looks much smaller than it really is.

The fat around your penis will inhibit its growth and that’s how your dick will stay small forever.

Start losing weight, once you lost some pounds you will notice that your penis size will be slightly bigger than before. So now you are ready for the exercise techniques mentioned above.

3. Trimming pubic hair

Extra pubic hair will certainly make your penis look shorter. By shaving them you can increase the sensitivity of your penis which comes from the cells inside.

Some sexual specialists believe in trimming pubic hair on a weekly basis because that’s how you reveal your actual penis length.

Pubic hair needs the amount of energy to grow, which they get from the penile area, by sipping the juice from that particular area, it will be hard for the penis cells to grow further which is why trimming extraneous pubic hair is a must!

4. Get an erection to increase blood flow

Keeping the blood flow, high directly affects the size of your penis- some sex specialist says.

There are so many ways to increase the blood flow to your penis like masturbation without ejaculating, sexual stimulation by foreplay or oral sex.

High blood flow is normally not preferred for cardio patients, but here we are talking about the normal men who want to gain some size.


Getting a bigger penis is what every man wants these days, but not everyone can achieve the ideal results.

get a bigger penis with Jes ExtenderThe exercise techniques should be followed on a regular basis, some of them require to be done 4-5 times a day which is not so much time-consuming.

But if you are asking about the fastest method, we should recommend penis enlargement device Jes Extender which is available at a very reasonable price with a full money back guarantee.

The reason why you should go for Penis Extenders is that it will enlarge your penis by a completely natural way.

No medications involve neither any sort of side effects.

The Bigger penis has its own, perk, your sexual stamina will be higher than normal and the level of satisfaction you will bring to your partner will be something.

Stop waiting and start doing your efforts now.

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